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Oktibbeha County Resources

The Oktibbeha County Resource Guide 2014-2015 is now available.  Included are various agencies/organizations/services available to families in Oktibbeha County.
Below are 100 ideas/activities compiled by members of the Oktibbeha County Excel By 5 Coalition that families can do together  in Oktibbeha County! 
Give some a try this week!

Family Activity Ideas:

    1. Get some munchies together and go on a picnic
    2. Stay up late and watch the stars
    3. Lay down a blanket and watch the clouds. See who can find the most shapes
    4. Head down to the local library and check out a few books or movies.
    5. Volunteer at the local humane society and walk a dog.
    6. Volunteer at a nursing home or volunteer at the hospital.
    7. Volunteer to clean up a park, highway or wildlife area.
    8. Volunteer at a food bank or create your own.
    9. Play hangman.
    10. Play tic- tac- toe.
    11. Play hide n’ seek.
    12. Play freeze tag.
    13. Play a game of charades.
    14. Play H.O.R.S.E.(basketball competition)
    15. Play hopscotch.
    16. Make a fort of bed sheets.
    17. Put together a scavenger hunt with items from your home and see who finds everything on the list the fastest.
    18. Draw a mural together on the sidewalk with chalk.
    19. Attend a local event in your area.
    20. Play dress up with your kids and have a fashion show.
    21. Cook dinner together.
    22. Go to a local fireworks show or an annual air flight show.
    23. Take a nature hike (Noxubee Refuge).
    24. Visit a museum for a quick history lesson (Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum).
    25. Make some lemonade and freeze it for a cold treat.
    26. Make homemade bird feeders with pinecones, peanut butter and string.
    27. Go to dinner on a kid’s eat free night (Applebee’s, Pizza Hut).
    28. Invite some neighbors for a family potluck dinner night.
    29. Check into story times at local bookstores.
    30. Go to a little league game or contact Sportsplex for schedules.
    31. Make dough and add food coloring to make play dough.
    32. Visit crayola.com for free coloring pages and craft ideas.
    33. Call Lowes for free kid’s workshops.
    34. Go to free community parades and events held in Downtown Starkville.
    35. Make paper airplanes, have an award for the one who’s plane goes the furthest.
    36. Learn about a different culture.
    37. Take a scenic drive or drive around and look at Christmas lights during the holiday season.
    38. Attend a classic car show.
    39. Encourage your children to join a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop.
    40. Play hot potato
    41. Dry flowers by placing them in the page of a heavy book. Wait a month, and take a look at how the flowers turned out.
    42. Work on a puzzle together.
    43. Take photographs of events then print them together.
    44. Have breakfast for dinner .
    45. Go on a nature walk and talk about the different trees and flowers you see.
    46. Attend free sporting events.
    47. Make up a play.
    48. Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines.
    49. Make a family calendar.
    50. Tell stories around a campfire or barbeque.
    51. Organize a game of capture the flag.
    52. Make miniature boats and float them around in the water.
    53. Tell scary stories.
    54. Go for a bike ride together.
    55. Paint a picture together.
    56. Go swimming.
    57. Go bird watching.
    58. Walk the dog, or a neighbor’s dog.
    59. Pick berries/fruit.
    60. Bake cookies or bread.
    61. Play cards.
    62. Attend the Community Farmers’ Market in Downtown Starkville May-October heldSaturday Mornings.
    63. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
    64. Start a family collection (coins, rocks, dress-up, clothes, treasures).
    65. Have a bubble blowing contest.
    66. Have a baking contest.
    67. Watch an old movie together.
    68. Solve a crossword or puzzle together.
    69. Each SEASON should be CELEBRATED- Fall Games, Winter Fun Games, Spring Games, and Summer Games
    70. Make a bug or a leave collection.
    72. Parent uses television as a learning tool. Watch with your child and moderate messages from tv.
    73. Parents tell stories, sings, or read frequently with child.
    74. Parent creates learning opportunities that are challenging for a child.
    75. Parent seeks strategies to support and strengthen the family unit through fun activities.
    76. Attend church and other religious activities as a family and discuss ideas gained from attendance.
    77. Go fishing.
    78. Plant a tree or some flowers.
    79. Learn what to do if you are LOST.
    80. Play hop-scotch or jump rope.
    81. Sing (in the car).
    82. Have an etiquette night.
    83. Go on a “bear hunt” – a silly walk.
    84. Plant a GARDEN (vegetables or flowers).
    85. Interview an OLDER FAMILY MEMBER.
    86. Join MSU’s Junior Bulldog Club.
    87. Go camping in your own backyard.
    88. Have GIRLS NITE OUT for family FUN.
    89. Have BOYS NITE OUT for family FUN.
    90. Have SNO CONE PARTY for Mixing COLORS.
    91. Have EGG TOSS PARTY.
    92. Travel to the Oktibbeha County Lake to Fish, Collect wild flowers, Collect Water Life , or to study the history of the Lake.
    93. Take Binoculars to the County Lake to BIRD WATCH.
    94. Locate or Create TRAILS around the County Lake.
    95. Travel to MSU and visit the RAGTIME MUSEUM in the MSU LIBRARY for MUSIC BUFFS.
    96. Travel to MSU and visit the CLOCK MUSEUM in the CULLIS WADE DEPOT.
    97. Learn more about the history of the CHAPEL of MEMORIES at MSU.
    98. RECYCLE as a family project and take items to the LANDFILL.
    99. Visit the HORSE PARK.