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Participating Communities


Locations throughout the State of Mississippi are mobilizing to ensure their children are better prepared for kindergarten and first grade. 

Excel By 5 certification identifies gaps in community resources, promotes community collaboration, volunteerism and economic development.  On the whole, children in Excel By 5 communities will be healthier and better prepared for kindergarten and first grade.

Communities begin the Excel By 5 certification process by forming a local leadership team made up of representatives from key community groups, including schools, churches, businesses, parents, hospitals, early care and education centers and government organizations.

The Excel By 5 certification requirements are divided into four groups: Community Involvement; Family and Parent Support; Early Care and Education; and Health and vary according to community size and capacity.  The certification process takes about two years to complete, and the certification is awarded for three years.

To learn more about the Excel By 5 initiative in each community please click on the links below.

Certified Communities
Candidate Communities

Map of Excel By 5 Locations