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Schedule of Events:

Registration and check-in will begin at 8:30am in the Old Capitol Inn Ballroom.

A group welcome and individual community updates will open the summit, followed by a celebration luncheon for all attending.

Six breakout sessions will take place in the afternoon.  Session topics will be as follows:

1.  Early Development Instrument (EDI):  Information on using EDI as a tool to measure success

2.  Establishing partnerships with childcare centers, headstart agencies, and public and private schools

3.  Statewide programs to support early education initiatives

4.  Marketing and messaging Excel By 5 in cooperation with statewide efforts

5.  Community-wide events:  Organizing community-wide events; challenges, successes, and “a-ha” moments

6.  Certification managers:  Challenges and opportunities for certification managers

Finally, a closing session will conclude the summit.