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McComb Excel By 5

Welcome to McComb Excel By 5!

City of McComb City—A Certified Community

Our journey began August 2011. We had our first coalition meeting. We were well on our way with no money- just a mission to get 0-5 year olds ready for kindergarten.

Throughout these soon to be two years, we lost a couple of steering committee members, but gained some strong ones. All in all, our steering committee has been faithful. We have had a monthly meeting every month from August 2011 to present—truly committed to making this certification happen.

As funds go, we depended on in-kind services. The McComb School District has been our life line. They provided us with a resource house, renovating it inside and out. They have included our childcare workers in trainings. We have been allowed to participate in the myOn computer program-giving children the opportunity to read books on line. Junior Auxiliary of McComb cleaned the resource house, painted rooms and provided blinds for every window. We did have an unexpected donation of $250 from Southwest Community College and $300 from a class reunion group. We stretched every dollar.

As word got out in our community about Excel by 5, we have had church groups, educational organizations and retired persons begin volunteering their services and providing necessary items for our resource house. I know this will continue because the calls keep coming inquiring what needs to be done.

One of our biggest challenges was how we were going to get funding. We decided to go the route of applying for 501 (C) 3 status because the opportunity for grant writing and not being tied to the McComb School District and their regulations. August 2012 we applied for the status with the help of a local accountant. May 2013 we received the 501 (C) 3 status.

Now the stage is set to begin grant writing, begin regular hours at the resource house and welcoming young children to our library at the resource house. Childcare centers will begin visiting the resource house on a regular basis. Parent trainings will be scheduled. This is an exciting time in our city.