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Isola Excel By 5

Welcome to Isola Excel By 5!

The communitiy of Isola, MS is in the process of becoming Excel By 5 certified early childhood communities.  A team of educators, community leaders, and parents are working together to help make these communities an even more nurturing, safer environment for our children.

Isola, MS became an Excel By 5 Candidate Community in January of 2013. Since January they have recruited community residents to serve on the Community Coalition.  The Coalition has successfully conducted and completed a Community Needs Assessment and is working on actions steps toward completing the Excel By Five requirements and becoming the first Certified Early Childhood Community in Humphreys County.

More information about Isola, MS:
Isola Mississippi is a small community located in Humphreys County.  The town’s name is a derivative of the word isolation.  Due to the location of the town being on the outskirt of the county it was named Isola. Isola, MS is also one of many food deserts in the Mississippi Delta.  The population of the community is around 713 residents.  The community is served by the Humphreys County School District.

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